Love never dies

Being a Psychic Medium in Bristol is for me a vocation and one that I take very seriously and thoroughly enjoy.

I meet a wide variety of peope from all walks of life in my work and help them to connect with those close whom have passed, I also help my clients to find some clarity and peace in their own lives with whatever issues they may be struggling with at the time they seek my services.

I feel honoured to have been witness to the immense love that continues to flow between the living and the passed.

I always say that ” Love never dies”. We literally discard our bodies like a worn out overcoat at the time of our passing and continue on our journey. There is no end, only transition.


Love Never Dies

Love transcends heals and connects us eternally with our loved ones. Love is the most powerful force in this universe and where there is love there is a never ending flow of energy. Being a psychic medium in Bristol UK is wonderful. I have witnessed so many beautiful connections between the living and the deceased. […]

Psychic abilities flower image

Psychic abilities

Being psychic is something that I believe is a natural ability we are born with. An innate ability that ultimately ensures the survival of the human race. A primal instinctual awareness of ensuring our safety and those close to us, it is not enough to look behind and see the tiger about to pounce. We […]

feather on path representing karma

Karma has no deadline

How we treat others Karma has no deadline. It is of vital importance that we fully realise how we treat others is going to have repercussions in our own life experience. We simply can’t get away with being abusive or unkind to people, it will eventually catch up with us. We will ourselves experience the […]


We are all one

Our very survival is completely dependent upon our ability to create harmony and unity on this beautiful planet. Together we stand. Divided we fall. We all have the same basic needs and desire for acknowledgement and respect. We should endeavour not to pass judgement on each other. We must take personal responsibility for our actions. […]

Karmic relationships and moon

Karmic relationships

There are some people whom we meet in our lives who impact on us greatly. These are usually souls that we have known previously in other lifetimes. Karmic ties are strong and when we once again meet these individuals in our current life we may feel a strong sense of recognition and a sense of […]

lilly Psychic development

Psychic development

Your natural birthright is to be open on a psychic level. Trust your intuition. Listen to your inner voice and be in touch with your gut feeling. Fly high and don’t let anyone clip your wings. Wisdom comes with experience and self awareness. You will ultimately learn to trust in yourself when you come to […]