Psychic development

lilly Psychic development

Your natural birthright is to be open on a psychic level. Trust your intuition. Listen to your inner voice and be in touch with your gut feeling. Fly high and don’t let anyone clip your wings.

Wisdom comes with experience and self awareness.

You will ultimately learn to trust in yourself when you come to realise that you already know who you are even if you perhaps need to be reminded from time to time of this truth.

Psychic awareness comes with a personal responsibility to convey insights and information with a true desire to be of service and to help others. When we come from our heart we reach beyond our egos.

We tap into the divine and we channel pure joy and love.

Being psychic means being awake to the wonderment of all things in creation, both those seen and those felt yet unseen with the human eye.

When we are awake we can no longer sleep walk through our lives. Yet you can’t wake up the sleeping unless they firstly realise that they are in fact asleep. You are more so much more than flesh and bone far more amazing than you perhaps realise.