Psychic abilities

Psychic abilities flower image

Being psychic is something that I believe is a natural ability we are born with.

An innate ability that ultimately ensures the survival of the human race.

A primal instinctual awareness of ensuring our safety and those close to us, it is not enough to look behind and see the tiger about to pounce.

We must firstly sense its presence before it has the opportunity to pounce so that we can fight or flee. We must learn to reconnect with ourselves in the quiet undisturbed spaces of our mind and allow ourselves to trust our instincts.

We must not over intellectualise our primal instinctual gut feeling of any given situation in life. It is when we are completely in tune with ourselves that we can extend this innate inner awareness to others and help them to see clearly for themselves.

Being psychic is in my opinion a natural state of being.

It is in silence that we hear the truth!