Healing Sessions in Bristol

Big Happy Changes card for Healing Sessions in Bristol

I have a special interest through my work in trying to help people understand why things are happening to them.

Working as a psychic is incredibly rewarding and I have been fortunate to have met many people whom I have found hugely inspirational in their struggle to find peace after significant suffering.

It is my belief that we vibrate to the frequency of deeply buried issues and traumas that are usually in this current life played out in our childhood. These traumas I believe have roots in previous lives and reconnect with us in our present life so that we can ultimately heal ourselves and free ourselves from this unresolved cycle of suffering.

I offer creative visualisation sessions to help firstly tap into these deeper issues and to bring to light the origin, so that it can be healed in accordance with my clients individual karma. Nothing is impossible to resolve. A light in the darkness illuminates.

We must firstly come to know ourselves to heal ourselves.