My Psychic Services Include:

  • TAROT READINGS IN BRISTOL Cara provides detailed Tarot readings in Bristol.
  • NUMEROLOGY Having your Numerology chart done can help you to understand your own personal karma and your souls intended purpose in your current lifetime.
  • MEDIUMSHIP Being a Psychic Medium in Bristol is second nature to Cara. Being clairvoyant. Clairsentient and clairaudient.
  • SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING Are you experiencing difficulties in your life, perhaps you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward. Cara can help you to explore the deeper reasons for your current situation and help you to find a resolution.
  • COLOUR THERAPY Everything is energy. The applied use of colour is tremendously healing.
  • SPIRIT RESCUE Cara is a rescue medium. Are you experiencing any unusual penonmemon in your home or business premises if so please contact Cara to discuss further.
  • Face-to-face and telephone readings
  • Group readings
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Cara offers exceptionally detailed readings using her beloved pack of cards.

A Tarot reading can be extremely useful if you are struggling to find answers to your questions.

Perhaps you need to make an important decision and are looking for some guidance or perhaps you are experiencing relationship difficulties and need help to understand how to find a resolution and regain peace of mind.

Or maybe you are feeling stuck and have lost direction. Whatever is troubling you having a reading with Cara could be very beneficial.


Cara is an excellent medium she has the extraordinary ability to channel extremely relevant information to her clients during a mediumship session. Have you experienced the devastating loss of a loved one and wish to make contact with them.

Or maybe you want to understand more in regard to your own personal karmic journey in this current lifetime.

Cara will endeavour to help you to the very best of her abilities skills and vast experience of working as a professional Psychic Medium.

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Cara has studied Numerology since she was a teenager and has a really indepth understanding of this ancient art.

Having a chart drawn up can help you to understand your souls intention throughout not only this current lifetime but also previous lifetimes you may have experienced too.

Perhaps you are baffled as to why you feel drawn to certain things or people in this life or are seeking a better understanding of the direction of your career path.

Cara will guide you through your chart and help you to gain invaluable knowledge about yourself and your innate abilities.


Cara has a unique way of working with people using creative visualisation and an incredibly perceptive ability to help you get to the root of your suffering. Are you struggling to resolve old issues and yet seemingly going round in circles.

Are you aware that something is wrong but literally have no idea how to resolve it. Whether your difficulties are tangible or intangible a session with Cara could really help you to find a much needed sense of peace and acceptance.

Relationship issues are much easier to resolve when you fully understand the karmic connection between yourself and the other person and the lessons you are ultimately learning about yourself.

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Cara has a colour therapy diploma and can help you to choose the correct application of colour to assist you in healing your mind body and soul. Everything is energy.

Colour vibrates at a certain frequency. The correct colour when worn or visualised can make a tremendous difference to your well-being.

Consulting Cara could be beneficial to you if you are experiencing heath issues either physically or mentally or indeed spiritually.

Bristol Based

**£40 per reading whether it is carried out via the telephone or on a one-to-one basis from an exceptional highly regarded Psychic Medium based in Bristol.