Profound and Overwhelmingly Accurate

Dear Cara, thank you so much for a great reading.

Your insight and connections into my past history and family ancestry were profound and overwhelmingly accurate in content and guidance.

I experienced a new concept in spiritual readings today, one that will not be equaled by anyone who has ever read me before.

pray your future readings continue to bring love and healing experiences new to the imagination of all your future clients.

I’m so grateful and appreciative to you for sharing your magical wisdom and grace with me. Its truly an experience I will cherish and will never forget ….

Bless your heart Cara and thank you again.

Stay forever blessed. Treva.

Truly Remarkable

Dear Cara, what a fabulous reading yesterday connecting with my mum and brother and even my brother’s dog it was truly remarkable and emotional all rolled into one.

But when you mentioned “Do you have a granddaughter?” I said no and you carried on and even said her name!

I was puzzled, and then it finally clicked you were talking about my pregnant daughter’s unborn child, who she knows is going to be a girl! Thank you for leaving me with such a beautiful feeling.

Best regards Gary.

Completely Accurate

I found Cara to be rather amazing, completely accurate, names, dates and happenings. Her calming and sensitive manner put me totally at ease after hearing things that surprised me.

I wrote everything down, and have since had a conversation with my mum who filled me in on names and dates that Cara had left me with…. I have no doubt whatsoever that she truly is gifted.

I can’t thank you enough Cara….You’re incredible.

Honest and Sympathetic

Cara’s reading was truly amazing, she gave very accurate names and details of my life which led into an in-depth look at what will unfold in the near future. What I loved about Cara’s reading was that she wasn’t afraid to tell me ‘how it is’ and didn’t sugar coat everything. Very honest and sympathetic, thank you very much Cara. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.
Natasha Leigh – HOLBY CITY

Obviously Very Gifted

I had a phone reading with Cara from Australia to the UK and it was amazing, she is extremely accurate and didn’t rush the reading, she is obviously very gifted and I plan to book in again in person next time I’m in the UK. Thanks again Cara. Love and light to you
Lulu McClatchy – Film and TV Actress, Australia


Truly Remarkable

Wow! I was literally blown away by Cara. Her reading was phenomenal, she gave me details about me and my life she couldn’t possibly have known.

Thank you so much it was amazing!
Stella, Bristol

She is Truly Amazing

Cara was so clear and accurate in my reading with her, I felt very relaxed in her presence and she made me feel very welcome.

She told me things that only I would have known, and picked up on many things that were personal to me.

She is truly amazing and i would highly recommend her, I will go and see her again.
Gina, Bristol

Incredible Gift

I saw Cara with a problem I have had for many years, I didn’t know where to turn as the problem was so strange that I felt insane speaking to anyone about it.

A friend had seen Cara and told me how accurate her reading was so I knew she was the lady to see! I knew that there was something strange going on and it felt as though something was attached to my aura, but I had absolutely no idea it was my friend who had died 9 years earlier!

Cara knew everything about him, his name, hobbies, what he looked liked, the circumstances and exact place where he died, she also gave the names of his friends and family.

There was absolutely no way that she would have known anything about me or him before we met.

She and I worked together to send him to the light and now he’s at peace – and so am I!

Cara has an incredible gift and I’m thankful to have met her and received her help. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of some insight into any situation in their life.
Love and light E x

She is the Best

Had a reading with Cara she was amazing, everything she said to me was so right. She knew everything about me and even names of my family members.

I just can’t believe Cara who has never seen me before knew so much about me and my life.

When Cara was doing my reading I really felt touched by it and felt like I have known Cara for a long time.

I would advise anyone who wants a reading to see Cara, she is very friendly and I felt very comfortable with her. Can’t wait for my next reading with Cara she is the best.
Jade, Bristol

So Glad I Went

I just want to say thank you to Cara for putting my mind at rest. I went to see her with 2 things in mind; getting to speak to my dad again, and getting an answer to a sad question that had been scaring me for a while.

Cara knew many things she couldn’t have got from anyone else other than my dad and she even knew about a bad experience I’d had that left me thinking my daughter might die, she knew about it without me telling her and she put my mind at ease as well as passing on things from my dad who died many years ago.

I am so glad I went. Thank you Cara x
L. Emery

Warmth and Kindness

Hi Cara, just wanted to say a huge thank you for my reading today. I felt comfortable as soon as I walked in your house. Your warmth and kindness put me completely at ease.

I was totally amazed at your accuracy with names and dates of certain events and my family’s history.

How could you know our roots??…Outstanding… and to know about certain health issues and be so precise is remarkable.

You truly have an amazing gift and your compassion towards helping others is a blessing.

At a time when I was feeling quite low and in need of some guidance I came away feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I have been to see a few psychic mediums in the past but none that have been as accurate as you, an unforgettable experience.

I would definitely recommend you 100%. Thank you
N. Turner

Best Psychic

Cara is probably the best psychic I’ve ever had read for me in my life.

In nearly 11 years of my mum passing she has never come through. But with Cara she came through loud and clear.

The details she gave were amazing and I’m waiting for the shiny engagement ring she has promised. Wonderful.
C. Fitzlanders

Quite Amazing

Cara thank you for my reading with you, it really was quite amazing, the accuracy you have with the names in my family both passed and present, the things you told me about my mother, father and brothers who passed and how they passed over was so accurate I don’t know how you could have known so much detail.

I’ve had several readings over the years but without a doubt you’re the best I’ve ever had and have recommended you to my friends and family. You are a caring and genuine lady.

Thank you.
T. Gunner

Accurate Psychic

Incredible! Cara named almost every member of our family that had passed.

Also a very good appraisal of a family member’s health problem. The most accurate psychic I have ever encountered.
K. Robbins

Absolutely Unbelievable

Absolutely unbelievable experience.

Cara knew things no one else knew about me, she made me feel more confident and excited about my future.

Would recommend to absolutely anyone, unforgettable experience.
L. Burgess

Spiritual Wisdom

Cara was amazing, extremely accurate.

Couldn’t get over the dates, numbers and names she got. And they were not common names! She picked up on my health, state of mind.

The only way she could have got this stuff was directly from my relatives in spirit.

She is very wise, and has the kind of helpful spiritual wisdom to guide you on your path so you are where you are meant to be. I recommend her 100%.
K. Avalon

Really is Amazing

I had a reading done by Cara a few weeks ago, she knew everything about my life now, my childhood, family members’ names etc.

She really is amazing, I would definitely recommend her to anybody! Definitely one of the best psychics around!
Claire R.

She Was Spot On

I had a reading with Cara today, the 3rd of December. She was spot on with things nobody would know, like a name of a pet that had passed and she came up with it.

And when my wife passed and what illness she had.

Cara has made me feel a lot better in myself and more positive. I fully recommend Cara. Many thanks.
E. Alford


Cara told me things about my father, my health and my house move that were amazing.

She even predicted that I’d be moving into the house number 3 and I am!
S. Golledge

I laughed Out of Shock

I went to see Cara a few days ago. Wow what an experience. She knew things about me no one else knew even to the point she said I would hurt my arm while out drinking and a few days later I did.

She told me I lived at house number 48, out of all the numbers she could have said she actually told me my house number, I laughed out of shock.

The reason I went to see her is my friends could not have children and Cara told her she would be pregnant within in the next year with a little girl…. my friend is currently now pregnant with a little girl.

I will be recommending her to many friends.

Incredible Detail

Very accurate, incredible detail.
R. Wren. Telephone reading

You’re amazing!

You’re amazing!
A. Walsh

Stunningly Accurate

You predicted an argument in a shop, and it happened to me that very week. You were stunningly accurate.
A. Morris

You’re a Genuine Medium

Everything you predicted for me came true. I’ve seen charlatans but you’re a genuine medium.
S. Norman

Predicted He’d Go Back on His Word

You predicted he’d go back on his word and he did, and you accurately warned me about health concerns.
S. Oran

I Would Highly Recommend You

You told me things that nobody would have known.

I had lost someone very close to me and was amazed that he came through and spoke to me and gave his name. I would highly recommend you.
S. Thomas

Extremely Accurate

Extremely accurate, amazing. You knew his heart complaint took him away.

He passed on his love to his stepson who you knew was called Michael. You were spot-on.
J. O’Leary, Telephone Reading

Blown Away

I would just like to thank Cara for an amazing reading.

This was my first visit with Cara and Misty (Cara’s adorable dog). I was just blown away by her.

From the start she made me feel at ease, very positive and accurate, it was as if she had spoken to me before. She told me everything i needed to know, it took a load off my shoulders.

I can now move forward and make plans with my life, and stop wearing black!!!

I certainly got far more than i expected. It was worth every penny, will definitely be going back soon. The best reading i have ever had from a psychic! THANKS Cara.
Jayne B, Bristol

Truly Amazing

Cara was so clear and accurate in my reading with her, I felt very relaxed in her presence and she made me feel very welcome.

She told me things that only I would have known, and picked up on many things that were personal to me. She is truly amazing and i would highly recommend her, I will go and see her again.
Gina, Bristol

Gave Me Goosebumps

I had my first phone reading with Cara who was brilliant.

So spot on with events. She truly gave me goosebumps.

I would highly recommend Cara she is professional and a lovely person too. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease.


Wow! I was literally blown away by Cara. Her reading was phenomenal, she gave me details about me and my life she couldn’t possibly have known. Thank you so much it was amazing!
Stella, Bristol


I consulted Cara because I had so many questions regarding my recent relationship, she helped me find peace after months of speculation and worry. A talented psychic for sure. I will recommend you to all my friends and family.
Zoe, Bristol