Karmic relationships

Karmic relationships and moon

There are some people whom we meet in our lives who impact on us greatly. These are usually souls that we have known previously in other lifetimes.

Karmic ties are strong and when we once again meet these individuals in our current life we may feel a strong sense of recognition and a sense of being at home with them despite only knowing them a short time.

It is an undeniable feeling a powerful connection that is inexplicable yet profound. We literally slip back into old emotional patterns with them and play these out in the arena of our current life, for good or ill.

We may find it excruciatingly painful to let go if the relationship is romantic and often we are baffled by the intensity. I truly believe that love stretches across many many lifetimes with these people and our souls reach out and find each other once again.

If you have met a past life love you will certainly understand what I am saying. Be kind to all and do not judge others as you do not understand their karmic journey.

I have worked with many people who have been devastated by loss and it is my opinion that coming to find a sense of inner peace and self acceptance is absolutely vital to achieve happiness in this mortal world. Love never dies.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one ultimately.