Being a Psychic Medium in Bristol

Cara Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Bristol

I have actually been psychic since I can remember so for me it has always been entirely natural to see, sense and hear the world of spirit.

My ability has always been with me I did not develop it in this lifetime.

I do however believe that this psychic and mediumistic ability has been developed throughout many other lifetimes and that I came into this world with it already functioning.

As a child I just assumed everyone could connect with spirit and I used to talk fluently about the things I could see, hear and feel. I learned that my ability was not typical and so began to be more careful what I said to others.

As I got older my ability became much stronger and I had a real pull if not shove from spirit to become a full time Psychic Medium.

I absolutely adore my work and see it as a vocation and have met many incredible people. So I feel blessed and if in my lifetime I can continue to help people to find peace and clarity through my ability to connect with spirit, I will do so as it means my life has for me had value and meaning and hopefully I can contribute in my own way to help make this world a better place.